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Hello, my name is Kalle Rutanen. I hold a D.Sc. in Mathematics, and an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

Job wanted

Curriculum vitae

Have an awesome research-oriented position for me to fill, combining mathematics and advanced data structures and algorithms, anywhere in the world? Let me know.

In mathematics, I have an interest in geometric algebra, geometric analysis, mathematical statistics, and non-linear time-series analysis. The last one includes in particular estimators of information-theoretic measures and chaotic dynamical systems. To unify my mathematical views, I’ve been learning some category theory.

In computer science, I have an interest in data structures, geometric algorithms, computer graphics, lightweight software documentation, parsing, and lightweight formal mathematical notation. I use C++ (since 1994), Python (since 2010), Matlab (since 2005), and Mathematica.

Apart from these activities, I enjoy sports, and occasionally compose music.


Some of my publications.
My blog. I ramble, you get bored.


A C++ library for geometry and computer graphics.
A C++ library for efficient estimation of information-theoretic measures from time-series’ in arbitrary dimensions.
A Python library for generating html documentation for software libraries.


Loop remixed
A project to modernize some of the many songs we have composed with my friends.