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Pastel is a cross-platform C++ / Matlab library for geometry and computer graphics.

Source code

The source code for TIM is hosted on BitBucket in a Mercurial repository. Assuming you have Mercurial installed, the repository can be cloned from the command-line by

hg clone

The source code always reflects the current development; it is unstable. To obtain the source code corresponding to this version, write

hg update -r 1.5.0

For previous versions, see the release history


Pastel is licensed under the MIT license.

While this allows you to build your own programs using Pastel, I do not recommend you do this. This is because Pastel is still under development and is thus prone to break backwards-compatibility. Rather, consider it from an educational viewpoint containing implementations and documentations of useful data structures and algorithms.

Issue tracker

The issue tracker for Pastel is hosted on Bitbucket in here.


Pastel divides into a number of sub-libraries. These are:

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