Loop remixed

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Loop is a group of three friends — jusa, maza, and kaba — who started composing with Impulse Tracker 2 in 1996. Our productive years were 1996–2003 during which we wrote more than 500 songs. In these pages I am bringing some of our songs back in their modern realizations using FL Studio. I aim to preserve the spirit of the originals, as I see them, but sometimes I also take the freedom in composing completely new material into the song. I may also upload new songs, or remixes of other people’s songs.

Loop remixed in Audiomack


jafe - Flemming Andersen (kaba’s modern mix)


jusa - Other Dimension (kaba’s moderner mix)

kaba - As we see (modern mix)

kaba - Imaginary Things (modern mix)


kaba - Trace (modern mix)

kaba - Potential (modern mix)

kaba - Dispersed Reality (modern mix)

Dj Unique / Alumiini - Mental Disease (kaba’s modern mix)


kaba - Lost World (modern mix)

kaba - Shadows on the Wall (modern mix)

jusa - Other Dimension (kaba’s modern mix)

kaba - Into this World