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In this section we list the dependencies of Remark.

This information is not needed to install Remark; pip handles the installation of the dependencies as part of the installation of Remark.


Remark runs both under Python 2 and Python 3.

Python dependencies

The dependencies to other Python libraries are as follows.

Python Markdown

The Python Markdown library is used to convert Markdown to Html.

It is licensed under the BSD license.


The Pygments library is used to highlight source code.

It is licensed under the BSD license.


The Pillow library is used to create thumbnails for image galleries.

It is licensed under the Python Imaging Library license.


The jsonschema library is used to validate JSON config files.

It is licensed under the MIT license.

Javascript dependencies

The Javascript dependencies are on a per-page basis depending on which features the page uses. The dependencies to Javascript libraries are as follows.


The Highslide library is used to view images in Remark by the Gallery macro. We distribute it with Remark.

For non-commerical applications, it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 3.0 license . It is not free for commercial use.


The MathJax library is used to interpret and render mathematics in Latex and AsciiMath.

It is licensed under the Apache license.


Setuptools packaging for Remark