Forward-declaration types

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A forward-declaration type of a class template A is a class template B which stores the type-definitions used by A. A forward-declaration file is a file which contains a forward-declaration type. In the following we will assume the use of settings types and customizations.

The customization of a class A needs access to all the types in A, such as iterators and sets. Since A, as a class template, is dependent on the customization, the types can not be stored in A itself. Instead, the types are stored in a forward-declaration type, which is dependent on the settings, but not on the customization.

A forward-declaration type (file) is written so that it only references other forward-declaration types (files). In addition to the forward-declaration type, a forward-declaration file also provides a forward-declaration of the actual class template, which can be referred to, but can not be used to recover its internal types. The forward-declaration types and files cover all the type information needed to use a type.


#include "pastel/sys/list/list_fwd.h"  

template <typename Settings>
class Example_Fwd
    using List_Fwd = List_Fwd<List_Set_Settings<integer>>;

    using ElementSet = List_Set<integer>;
    using Element_Iterator = typename List_Fwd::Iterator;
    using Element_ConstIterator = typename List_Fwd::ConstIterator;